Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rolling Update: Sundered Lands Collection

This post is a continually updating display of the runes I have in the Sundered Lands.

Sundered Lands Champions

Acid Dragoleech
Crokadar Guardian
Diamondhide Basilisk
Drakewing Swarm x2
Draksar Archer
Draksar Berserker
Draksar Broodling x2
Draksar Broodqueen
Draksar Chameleon x2
Draksar Charger
Draksar Doomslayer x2
Draksar Explorer x2
Draksar Footman
Draksar Gunner x2
Draksar Hunter x2
Draksar Master x2
Draksar Psion x2
Dune Walker x2
Krikkinwing x2
Master Trapsmith
Mounted Sauropod x2
Resilient Skeezick x2
RipDemon x2
Sand Scorpion x2
Scythbill x2
Skeezick Alchemist x2
Skeezick Arthomancer x2
Skeezick Baiter
Skeezick Cannoneer x2
Skeezick Dragonslayer x2
Skeezick Drummer
Skeezick Filcher x2
Skeezick Netter x2
Skeezick Rioter x2
Skeezick Ruffian x2
Skeezick Scoundrel
Skeezick Torch
Skeezick Trapper
Skeezick Warmage
Skithmaw Hunter
Steelspine Bearcat x2
Sunderpede x2
Temple Guard x2
Varu Howler
Vindictive Skeezick x2

Sundered Lands Spells

Awaken Brood x2
Blister x2
Blood of the Dragon
Boil x1
Broodguard x2
Call to War
Channeled Violence
Draconic Benediction
Draconic Pulsar
Drought x2
Fight in Formation
Hatching Season x2
March of the Skeezick x2
Quickening x2
Sandspout x2
Skeezick Revolt
Summon Dragon
Taint x2
Tornado x2

Sundered Lands Relics

Dragon Skull
Draksar Warbanner
Hive x2
Sand Generator
Slum Market x2
Tainted Statue
Target Dummy x2
Unstable Powersource

Sundered Lands Equipment

Poison Fang x2
Rage Band x2

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