Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rolling Update: K'Thir Forest Collection

This post is a continually updating display of the runes I have in the Savage Tundra. Last update 1/03/10

K'Thir Forest Champions

Archer Commander
Centaur Archer x2
Centaur Regulator x2
Centaur Skirmisher x2
Circle Messenger
Colossal Boa
Elven Archer x2
Elven Artisan x2
Elven Blademaster x2
Elven Mage x2
Elven Treecaller
Enraged Grizzly x2
Falconer x2
Garu Chosen
Garu Hunter x2
Garu Hurler
Garu Shaman
Gnarlwood Grappler
Great Eagle x2
Mountain Garu x2
Nectar Faerie
Nymph x2
Outcast of the Flame x2
Solitary Garu
Sporegill x2
Timber Wolves
Treant Launcher
Tree Spider x2
Veasel Druid x2
Warcaller Fiorn
Wild Elf x2
Wilderkin Snakedancer x2
Winged Lerper x2
Woodland Jester

K'Thir Forest Spells

Ancestral Anger
Brambles x2
Butterfly Wings x2
Carnivorous Vines x2
Fuel x2
Grimlic's Mirror
Herbal Antidote
Light as a Feather
Rally the Herd x2
Reclaim x2
Sabotage x2
Spontaneous Growth
Swiftwind x2
Thorn Collection

K'Thir Forest Relics

Elven Trading Post x2
Nature's Balance x2
Pride of K'thir
Prismatic Crystals x2
Throne of the Circle x2

K'Thir Forest Equipment

Barbed Vine Leash x2
Forest's Embrace x2
Hunter's Charm
Rejuvenation Ring
Seed of Potential x2

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