Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rolling Update: Savage Tundra Collection

This post is a continually updating display of the runes I have in the Savage Tundra. Last update 1/03/10.

Savage Tundra Champions

Crystal Pheonix x2
Dwarven Mountaineer
Frost Giant
Frost Wolf x2
Furbull x2
Glacier Rhino x2
Ice Golem x2
Ice Guardian
Ice Wurm x2
Icecliff Patrol x2
Jakei Climber x2
Jakei Disciple
Jakei Footstriker x2
Jakei Frostwing x2
Jakei Icefisher
Jakei Maiden
Jakei Mindstriker
Jakei Shadowstriker x2
Jakei Shardmaster x2
Jakei Snowhisper
Lonx Ambusher
Lonx Hunter
Lonx Hurler x2
Lonx Shredder x2

Savage Tundra Spells

Ancestral Focus x2
Arcic Wail x2
Blizzard x2
Call of the Tundra
Cleansing Storm
Conjure Ice Block
Flash Freeze x2
Freeze the Earth x2
Humble x2
Millennial Icequake
Razor Ice x2
Summon Ant
Weather Harden

Savage Tundra Relics

Coordination Tower x2
Icefishers' Hamlet x2

Savage Tundra Equipment

Crystal Spike
Frost Amulet x2
Heart of Ice
Ice Carved Greaves
L'usura's Staff x2
Yetihide Cape

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