Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rolling Update: Forsaken Wastes Collection

This post is a continually updating display of the runes I have in the Forsaken Wastes. Last update 1/3/10

Afflicted Corpse x2
Angel of Death
Animated Blade x2
Anthropomancer x2
Archfiend x2
Arctic Beast x2
Bile Zombie
Bladed Corpse
Blood Fiend x2
Bonecrusher x2
Boneguard Infantry x2
Broken Bones x2
Carrion Colossus
Cleric of Unrest x2
Collection of Souls x2
Corpse Golem
Crossbone x2
Crypt Guardian
Dark Enchantress x2
Dark Messenger x2
Dark Seductress x2
Dead Fairy x2
Death Guard
Death Harvester x2
Decayed Mercenary x2
Disturbed Spirit x2
Essence Devourer
Eternal Lich
Ethereal Soldier
Executioner x2
Fallen Draksar
Festering Corpse x2
Forsaken Follower x2
Lich King
Mute Stalker x2
Necrotaur x2
Nether Wraith x2
Ravenwraith x2
Risen Yeti x2
Shadestalker x2
Skeezick Boneblade x2
Skeletal Berserker x2
Skeletal Raider
Utterdark Spectre x2
Utterdark Voidhowler x2
Wandering Zombie x2

Black Ops
Chain Lightning
Chains of Corruption x2
Corpse Collection
Delay x2
Drain the Earth
Essence Drain x2
Festering Wounds
Foul Rite
Ghostly Visage x2
Necrosis x2
Necroweave x2
Plague x2
Serkan's Touch
Soul Cage x2
Soulreave x2
Spell Trap
Throw Bones
Wake the Dead
Weaken x2

Chopping Block x2
Elsari Bazaar x2
Elsarin Vex
Mason's Spire
Mist of the Dead x2
Skull of Decay

Blight Ring
Ethereal Mindshank x2
Fleshsewn Helm
Ghost Pendant
Reaper's Blade
Sacrificial Dagger x2
Shield of Darkness x2
Wraith's Tear x2

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