Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deck Construction: Full-Faction Forsaken Wastes 2- Rounding Out the BG

My real hitters are the Ethereal Soldier, Skeletal Berserkers, Utterdark, and Vampyre. Spell-wise, I'm going to want to have an eye out for things that help me put the cripple down on my opponent's creatures, setting them up to die quickly. There are also a few runes that are sure to be useful in PvP, but won't help me much when it comes to playing the computer given the way the AI's units are deployed. I like the idea of using Delays to keep enemies off the board, for instance, but I'm pretty sure they won't slow the computer down at all. Mobilization and Festering Wounds are obvious inclusions- the current build has two creatures (the Dark Seductresses) that will take damage and a debuff from that, but they're only a few points away from me being able to buy disease immunity. I also really like the Plague spell; it's a quick cast spell that works well with insubstantial creatures, and it's very fun to slap it on a possessed creature because he'll make himself sick if he's not undead. Necroweave is also nice as a reset button, since it lets me lose all my guys and be set to summon them up again. However, it's been so long since I've gone full-faction I think I'll wait on the weave until I see what kind of cooldowns I'm dealing with. I also don't know what to make of Serkan's Touch; I like a big debuff but the manner of this debuff, being a reduction over time, seems to fit poorly with a 55-nora expenditure. I'd have to cast it very early in the fight to get any real use out of it. I also really like Ghostly Visage; it can be a defensive spell, it can remove an attacker for several rounds, and obviously it has the potential to boost my Utterdark. I'm not sure how using it on my opponents will work though, since I believe they'd stay invisible even after they lost insubstantial, which means I'd need to have several detection creatures on my end. That may be best saved for the partial faction version of the BG.

For spells I'm taking:

Essence Drain x2
Festering Wounds
Ghostly Visage x2
Plague x2

I'm capping things off with a Shield of Darkness to increase survivability on my life-drinking and insubstantial champions, a Reaper's Blade to make up for the low overall damage of my champs, and an Elsari Vex because so long as my premium membership is up I've got free access to one.

Now I'll distribute the CP on the units which already have it, and jump into the game!

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