Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rolling Update: Shattered Peaks Collection

This post is a continually updating display of the runes I have in the Shattered Peaks. Last update 1/03/10.

Shattered Peaks Champions

Alpine Cyclops x2
Bat Swarm x2
Cave Dragon x2
Clay Form x2
Cyclops Battlefiend x2
Cyclops Earthshaker x2
Cyclops Mauler x2
Cyclops Nemesis x2
Cyclops Seer x2
Cyclops Shaman
Cyclops Wardrummer
Cyclops Youth x2
Deepcave Extractor
Eager Cyclops x2
G'hern Birthmother x2
G'hern Isangoma
G'hern Overlord x2
G'hern Punisher
G'hern Rager
G'hern Sustainer x2
G'hern Taskmaster
G'hern Thrower
G'hern Tyrant
Gluttonous Overseer x2
Hyaenid Spearman x2
Moga Assault Team x2
Moga Aviator x2
Moga Cannon x2
Moga Creeper
Moga Sapper x2
Moga Scout x2
Moga Slinger x2
Moga Trailblazer x2
Moga Trapper
Moga Trigger
Moga Zealot x2
Mogahern Destroyer x2
Mountain Lion x2
Mud Elemental x2
Oozing Slag
Overcharged Golem x2
Parasitic Fesh
Pit Wolf x2
Savage Boar x2
Sonic Elemental x2
Vengeful Cyclops x2
Voil Frenzy x2
Voil Lancer x2
Voil Queen
Voil Screecher x2
Voil Sorcerer x2
Voil Transporter x2
Voil Windstriker x2

Shattered Peaks Spells

Avalanche x2
Bad Blood x2
Consume Resources x2
Crack the Earth x2
Defend the Roost
Devour x2
Extended Reach
Implant x2
Intimidation x2
Lightning Storm x2
Magnify Beast
Suicidal Attack x2
Swimming Lessons x2
Tribe War x2
Wings of Steel x2

Shattered Peaks Relics

Echo Chamber x2
G'hern Scarecrow x2
Moga Bartering Post x2
Moga Den x2
Tribal Hut x2
Tribal Post
Voil Caverns x2

Shattered Peaks Equipment

Bag of Boulders
Ball and Chain x2
Cyclops Eye Belt x2
Diamond Mace
G'hern Helm
Mammoth Club
Slaver's Whip x2

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