Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rolling Update: Ironfist Stronghold Collection

This post is a continually updating display of the runes I have in the Ironfist Stronghold. Last update 1/3/10

Ironfist Champions

Aspect of Granite x2
Barbarian Commander x2
Barbarian Shaman x2
Brubaker Brothers x2
Conscripted Warrior x2
Council Elder x2
Deep Miner
Drunken Thug x2
Dwarven Axe Guard
Dwarven Catapult
Dwarven Defender
Dwarven Handler
Dwarven King
Dwarven Mogaslicer x2
Dwarven Sergeant x2
Dwarven Sharpshooter x2
Earth Golem x2
Griffin Rider x2
Groble x2
Gronk Rider x2
High Mason x2
Interrogator x2
Ironfist Brawler x2
Ironfist Collector
Ironfist Glider x2
Ironfist Paladin
Lodestone Construct
Medic x2
Mountain Sentry x2
Plains Savage
Priest of Valdac x2
Savage Shieldman x2
Savage Wolf x2
Siege Engine
Stalwart Defender
Terraformer x1
Tundra Barbarian x2
Turret Team
War-Enchanted Groble
Wild Chieftain x2

Ironfist Spells

Barricade x2
Consecrate the Earth
Earthquake x2
Glorious Charge x2
Hammer Strike x2
Increase Gravity
Last Stand
Macadamize x2
Open the Earth x2
Repair x2
Restore Life
Righteous Deflection x2
Smite Enemy
Spell Ward x2
Strip Armor
Unobstructed View
Valor x2

Ironfist Relics

Failed Amplifier
Guard Tower x2
Ironfist Standard
Merchant's Quarter
Mystic Forge
Nora Mine x2
Sanctuary of Hope x2
Wind Generator

Ironfist Equipment

Axeman's Fate x2
Earthgod Sigil x2
Full Plate Armor x2
Heavy Crossbow x2
Holy Blade of Valdac
Stonearm Sash x2

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