Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Post!

I finally have my first Draksar Berserker. This means I can begin phasing a single Draksar Hunter out of all the decks which use them, and hunting a second Berserker to replace the 2nd Draksar Hunter. I like to double up on Hunters as they're unbelievably cheap, with 12 Attack and Defense, 9 Speed, 12 Damage, 44 Health, Regen 2, Draconic Force, and a powerful counter to Skeezick decks for 68 nora. Combined with Taint they're a good way to also boost other creature's damage via Draconic Force. With a regen that feels almost free, as well, they make an easy way to expunge some Nora on a turn where I'm sitting on a spell or equipment or trying for a quick stabilization against a very fast opponent (especially in single-player campaigns).

By contrast, an un-pumped Draksar Berserker, at 65 Nora, has 18 Attack (19 with Berserker), 14 Defense, 8 Speed (9 with Berserker), 13 Damage (14 with Berserker) and 47 Health, as well as Berserker 1 (obviously), Enrage 1, Pounce 2 and Violent. Rares are better, folks. As much as I love pauper decks, as much as I love commons and uncommons, and as much as I cherish wins against Exotic-heavy battlegroups using my rare-lite offerings...rares are better. Even if I never improved the Berserker in any way, shape, or form, he'd still be superior to my Hunters in every fashion except for his inability to retain AP. However, I often stick my Hunters with Rage Bands anyway (granting 3 levels of Berserker and Unstoppable, so they never lose AP). Sticking one of these assholes with a Rage Band is utterly disgusting.

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