Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deck Construction: Three Concepts for January Bonus- Weak and Powerless

This deck is a little side project, built around breaking the parity of combat by shutting off my opponent's attacks. The key spells for that are Reclaim and Sandspout. I'm also considering a Wizard theme for the K'Thir side, so I can have some teleportation (Elven Magi) and some heavy damage (Outcasts of the Flame). I'd also like to play the Wilderkin Snakedancers...I never would have under their previous incarnation, which was so utterly broken I posted about it. However, at just an Entangle they provide a useful way to keep enemies inside the radius of my attack-cancellation spells. I'm also tempted to employ at least one of those wonderful pacification crystals, plus some combination of Brambles/Carnivorous Vines/and my Thorn Collection. Recall is another critical spell, and in the event that I go with the wizard theme Thrones of the Circle. At least one Veasel Druid would also go a long way toward increasing survivability with my techier pieces.

On the Sundered Lands side, Rage Bands give my men the ability to stand inside a Brambles with no ill effects, though it won't prevent Pacifism. Draksar Doomslayers are another great piece in that they gain Fear 3 to suppress folks when he's attacking their fonts. Target Dummies provide yet another way to negate the opposition's offensive efforts. So would Temple Guards, since they also possess Bodyguard. Taint is always a favorite, especially in a deck that lacks for other healing (though I could pick up some regen eq from the K'Thir side). I might like to try the Call to War spell as well; tossing three disposable men I'm not going to be torn up about at the death of is surely handy. There's also the Benedictions and Quickenings to consider. Drakewing Swarms are entirely too asshole not to include, so my single one of those is definitely going in. Resilient Skeezicks are also excellent, since they inflict exceptionally diminishing rewards on ranged combat. Skeezick Netters are another nice, cheap ranged unit with the added benefit of grounding flyers. My Netters are boosted beyond where I imagine most folk run them, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for them. Cannoneers are another excellent ranged option, and they combine beautifully with the Rage Band. These last few choices don't necessarily play directly into the deck's proclaimed design, but they help in other ways: grounding a flying unit over a mountain, for instance, is always hilarious.

Unfortunately, the mass of spells I'm trying to run, at least in this conceptual build, really cut into the champions I could put into the deck. I cut and shuffled the list several times, especially when I found myself underwhelmed with the actual offensive capacity of the creatures in the deck. I may need to revisit the concept and use stronger creatures, banking more fully on the power of the spells; as it stands currently, I'm building the deck around resilient creatures and attack denial spells.

Weak And Powerless: Tenative List

Elven Blademaster x2
Elven Mage
Outcast of the Flame
Wilderkin Snakedancer x2
Carnivorous Vines
Grimlic's Mirror
Herbal Antidote
Reclaim x2
Thorn Collection
Drakewing Swarm
Draksar Doomslayer x2
Draksar Psion x2
Resilient Skeezick x2
Temple Guard x2
Sandspout x2
Target Dummy

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