Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deck Construction: Three Concepts for January- Savage Tundra

At the moment I'm interested in putting together a new deck, and there are three concepts I'm tossing around:

Concept the First: Concept the first is simply a question of putting together a deck in the Savage Tundra. I managed to draw my vivacious and wonderful girlfriend into the game over Thanksgiving, and she immediately took to the Tundra. She bought the precon (well, I bought her the precon as a Finals present) and has modded it up a bit, and I've shuffled most of my spare Tundra her way to that end. Since the deck is spell-heavy, and the spells are frost-heavy, I've also moved away from actively playing the Tundra. The first few times we played games where her spells, and attacks, rebounded off of my characters were very frustrating for her. Since I'm more interested in helping her to step her game up a level, and am continually amazed and impressed by her talent for the game, it's been no skin off my nose to abandon the Tundra for a while. I never played it overmuch anyway.

Still, there are some Tundra units I think are awesome. I finally have two Jakei Footstrikers with Nokhan Do 2, and believe I can get my second Jakei Shadowstriker to the same spot. I've also got two Jakei Climbers and a Jakei Snowwhisper, and these are all great runes. The Yeti rush coincided with my getting another friend into the game (who also went Tundra) so I've traded off most of my new Yeti, but I did just pull a Yeti Ambusher. I also picked up a brace of Lonx Hurlers, and I enjoy the mechanic there quite a bit (mostly the value of having Power attack available as both a ranged and melee option, which makes them markedly cheaper than they would have been if they had to upgrade Power Attack and Piercing Shot separately).

My primary problems facing the Tundra are the absence of particularly impressive rares/exotics and my complete lack of damaging spells outside of an Icequake and Frostbite. Since the Tundra tends to trade heavily on its spells, lacking these makes it tough to pull a win. I have a couple of the excellent summon spells, however, and Ancestral Focus trades nicely with other factions when it comes to spells, although it also throws the bone at my opponents. If I were to run a Tundra deck I would almost certainly have to step into another faction; my first inclination is to go Ironfist and simply pick up 2 Hammer Strikes, an Earthquake, an Impervious, 2 Righteous Deflections, and some healers. L'usura's Staff is great in mixed faction decks, and that Spellswallower combined with my W/E Groble presents a way to recover from my opponent getting their spells back faster at the same time I am. I imagine I'd forgo adding many champs from the Ironfist, but I still have to decide if I'd want to go Dwarf or Barbarian (or Construct, but then I don't get much healing). Repair on an Ice Golem would also be fun times (Fun times but impossible, since it turns out they're a golem who just has Elemental--ed. ). Plus nora gen from Nora Mines would help me keep churning out spells.

So that's the first concept: a spell-slinging, survivalist Savage Tundra deck. All the No Can Do characters provide great tempo shifts, especially with stun heavy support from the Stronghold.

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